blue nerds strain


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blue nerds strain

Firstly, blue nerds strain was create by crossing Grape Ape from Barney’s Farms with Strawberry Cough from BC Bud Depot for a balanced indica-sativa hybrid strain. This blue nerds strain can be cultivate indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse setting. It vegetates over the course of 4-5 weeks and flowers over the course of 8-9 weeks. The expecte yield is one gram per watt when grown indoors or up to a pound per plant when grown outdoors.

Meanwhile, A strong grape smell followe by a smooth Strawberry after exhale.

Low growing and tons of tops. Grows many large bud clusters when train. On this S1 we see harvests over 1 gram per watt indoor and 450 – 650 grams outdoor. This is calle herbal benzos around here for its extreme anti-aniexty properties.

Extremely frosty. Smells strongly of deep afghani grapes with a soft strawberry on the exhale. A great strain for pain, espically for patients who get aniexty from medication.

In conclusion, this hybrid has a mixture of hash and grapes flavors, with a hint of strawberry. Blue nerds strain THC level is around 15% which makes it an ideal strain choice for beginner cannabis consumers. According to growers, this strain flowers into bright green nugs accente by pops of dark purple throughout. Nerds was originally bred by Oregon Microgrowers Guild.
Nerds may be a good choice for patients with anxiety, stress and mood disorders. It’s light bodily effects may ease some aches and pains as well as nausea.

Genetics: Grape Ape (barneys farm) x Strawberry Cough (BCBD), backcrosse to same pheno, then selfed!

Nerds, also known as Nerdz, is a hybrid strain develope by the Oregon Microgrowers Guild, create by Adam Jacques, the head grower of the Guild.

The top reporte aromas are hash and grape scents. The top reported flavors are hash, grape, and strawberry.

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